Top Dog-Friendly Pubs in Liverpool for You and Your Pooch

As a devoted dog owner and pub enthusiast, I’ve scoured Liverpool to find the best spots where you can enjoy a pint with your pooch by your side. It’s no secret that this vibrant city is a haven for dog lovers, boasting a plethora of pubs that welcome four-legged friends with open arms.

From cosy corners to bustling beer gardens, I’ve got the inside scoop on where to head for a dog-friendly atmosphere. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, you won’t have to leave your furry companion behind while you soak in the charm of Liverpool’s pub scene.

The Best Dog-Friendly Pubs in Liverpool

When I’m on the hunt for a place where my pooch is as welcome as I am, I look no further than The Caledonia. Nestled in the heart of the city, this pub’s not just dog-friendly, it’s dog-obsessed. With a dedicated dog menu and regular events for your four-legged friends, it’s the kind of place that makes tail-wagging the norm.

Venturing towards the district of Baltic Triangle, you’ll stumble upon The Baltic Fleet, a historic pub with a warm environment for dogs and their owners alike. I’ve spent countless afternoons basking in the maritime decor while my canine companion lounges by my side.

Another gem is The Monro on Duke Street. This gastropub offers a magnificent garden area where dogs can roam while you relish a craft beer or a gourmet meal. It’s spacious and serene, perfect for a lazy Sunday with your pup.

For those who fancy a lively atmosphere, BrewDog Liverpool can’t be missed. Situated on Colquitt Street, it invites dogs to join in on the vibrant scene. BrewDog is known for its extensive range of beers and the staff are incredibly welcoming to both humans and dogs.

I can’t forget about The Pen Factory on Hope Street. With a laid-back vibe and a selection of local ales, it’s a fabulous spot to unwind. The regulars here include a variety of dogs, all enjoying the convivial setting. This spot really encapsulates the dog-loving spirit of Liverpool pubs.

Cosy Corners and Cuddles for Canines

When I’m looking for a snug spot to unwind with my furry friend by my side, Liverpool’s pub scene doesn’t disappoint. In the heart of the city lies The Sanctuary Tap, a haven with cosy nooks perfect for a relaxed pint as my pooch dozes off. Then there’s The Grapes in the bustling Mathew Street area that stands out with its homey atmosphere and welcoming staff ready to fuss over visiting dogs.

Moving slightly away from the centre, Pet Love at The Lodge in Lark Lane offers a unique experience as it’s custom-made for pet owners. With its warm interiors and soft seating, it’s ideal for dogs to lounge while I enjoy some quality ale. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Dog treats on the house
  • Fresh water bowls available
  • Monthly pet social events

Kelly’s Dispensary in Smithdown Road serves as another cosy retreat for canine companionship. Their policy is straightforward: as long as my dog’s on a lead, we’re both in for some great hospitality and even better company.

Beer Gardens and Barks

When the weather’s fine, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a pint outdoors with your four-legged friend by your side. Lucky for dog owners, Liverpool boasts an array of pubs with beer gardens that welcome pooches with open arms.

One must-visit spot is The Kazimier Garden, an eclectic outdoor space known for its vibrant atmosphere and dog-friendly ethos. With its mix of live music, quirky decor, and ample seating, it’s the perfect place for humans and hounds to relax under the sun or stars.

Constellations is another gem in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle that prides itself on being pet-friendly. Here, you can indulge in craft beers and mouth-watering street food while your dog enjoys the fresh air in the artistic surroundings of the garden.

In these beer gardens, you’ll often find water bowls dotted around, ensuring that your furry companion stays as hydrated as you do. Some even provide dog treats to keep tails wagging while you dig into your own savoury snacks.

These outdoor havens champion the culture of inclusive socialising where dogs aren’t just tolerated, but truly welcomed. Whether it’s a bustling weekend afternoon or a laid-back weekday evening, these beer gardens are dynamic spots that cater to everyone’s needs—paws included.

Pubs That Pamper Pups

When I’m out and about with my four-legged friend, I find it’s the little touches that make a pub truly stand out as dog-friendly. In Liverpool, there are pubs that don’t just tolerate dogs but genuinely pamper them.

  • The Caledonia is a prime example. Known for its dog-friendly atmosphere, this pub offers a bespoke menu for dogs that includes gourmet treats and non-alcoholic doggy beers. Your pooch can dine in style alongside you.
  • Similarly, The Lodge in Liverpool turns the pampering up a notch with custom-made dog beds ensuring your pup can relax just as much as you do.

To really feel the love, I’ll sometimes pop into The Baltic Social, where staff warmly greet every dog with treats and the kind of attention that makes their tails wag inexorably. Beyond the treats, these pubs often host events like doggie meetups and birthday celebrations, underlining their pup-positive ethos.

I appreciate that alongside these amenities, cleanliness and comfort are never compromised. Owners can rest easy knowing their companions are in a space that’s as hygienic as it is hospitable.

A Guide for Locals and Visitors

If you’re a Liverpool local or just visiting, knowing where you can pop in for a pint with your pooch in tow is essential. I’ve got the inside scoop on pubs that don’t just tolerate, but actually welcome your four-legged pals.

The Ship & Mitre stands out for its varied selection of ales and the warm reception it gives to both humans and pets. As one of the city’s most iconic haunts, it’s got a spacious interior that means you won’t be jostling for elbow room, even with a larger breed.

  • The Monro, a gastropub with a twist, isn’t just about the top-notch food for you. They’ve got water bowls aplenty and love when dogs come by, making it a culinary treat for everyone involved.

What really makes Liverpool’s dog-friendly pubs special is their commitment to creating a great atmosphere. Whether it’s the attentive staff at The Kazimier Garden with its unique outdoor setting or Kelly’s Dispensary with its cozy vibe, you’re sure to feel right at home. Plus, they’ve all got that authentic touch that celebrates the city’s love for dogs.


Venturing out with your furry friend in Liverpool reveals a city brimming with love for our canine companions. I’ve uncovered spots where your pup can indulge in gourmet treats or lounge on a bespoke bed. It’s clear that the city’s pub scene warmly embraces our four-legged pals, ensuring a memorable experience for all. Whether you’re after a pint or a doggy beer, Liverpool’s dog-friendly pubs cater to every member of the family. So next time you’re planning a pub visit, rest assured that in Liverpool, your dog will be as welcome as you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes The Caledonia a standout dog-friendly pub?

The Caledonia in Liverpool offers a unique menu specifically for dogs, featuring gourmet treats and non-alcoholic doggy beers, making it a standout venue for pet owners.

Does The Lodge provide any special amenities for dogs?

Yes, The Lodge provides custom-made dog beds, allowing pups to relax comfortably while their owners enjoy the pub’s offerings.

How does The Baltic Social cater to dogs?

The Baltic Social warmly welcomes dogs with treats and affection, ensuring they feel as valued as their human companions.

Are there any dog-centered events at these dog-friendly pubs?

Many dog-friendly pubs in Liverpool, such as the ones mentioned, host events like doggie meetups and birthday celebrations, catering to the dog-lover community.

How is The Ship & Mitre suitable for both humans and pets?

The Ship & Mitre is known for its wide selection of ales for humans and its welcoming atmosphere that is also pet friendly, making it an ideal spot for dog owners.

What does The Monro offer for dogs?

Besides its high-quality gastropub cuisine for humans, The Monro provides water bowls for dogs, ensuring they stay hydrated during their visit.

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